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BEST FORMULA: Get Your Hosting + Domain Registration

Thinking about getting some sites up? Willing to try the niche site formula? Just going to publish your first professional looking website for the world to see?

Here´s the best, most affordable and direct formula to get hosting and your domain name for the better. It couldn’t be easier!!!

The whole idea

I have been hiring the hosting services and domain name registration at the same place, I thought it would be cleaner to have everything under the same roof.

But when you start creating multiple sites, you can’t but wonder if there is not a better option, especially when it comes to the amount you have to invest. I wanted to see if I could reduce the initial investment.

After some research, I realized that Godaddy.com was one of the most used places when it comes to these services, but I didn’t like their philosophy at all: I felt their site was messy, I was being sold all sorts of products constantly, and I wouldn’t call that home no matter how many beers you pay me.

Also, I was very comfortable at my hosting company, hostgator.com, they were solid and reliable, and it wasn’t expensive at all. I had all I wanted over there.

So, I tried something: what if I keep my hosting, but I register at Godaddy. Was that even possible?

Sure it was, and when I tried, I realized that I saved a few dollars for each domain registration. It was not much, but hey, why should I pay those extra dollars for the same service.


I also looked for discounts that could reduce even more my investment in new sites. So, I looked for ways to get those for myself and allow others to profit from the same benefits. And I did, which saved me even more money, which I had to pay upfront everytime I wanted to start a new site.

You’ll find these discounts here, when I offer what I think is the best way to get hosting services.


I stronly recommend hostgator. It is one of the big players in the game, they are very affordable (down to 3-4 USD per month), they are very reliable (you can’t be one of the longest standing hosting services providers if you don’t take care of your customers), and they are fully featured.

I don’t think that you could ask for much more.

You can read this review of hostgator that I wrote not so long ago, in case that you’re interested in the details.


Here’s the formula, it’s very simple yet it is a combination that most people tend to miss out on:

1) Get your hosting space from hostgator.com.

This is your campbase, your home, where all your sites will take shelter. In other words, you will be storing your files in here. I also have created some resources on how to set up a website very easily.

This step will take only 3-4 USD a month, although I strongly recommend going for the medium plan, which costs around 7 USD/month, but it will allow you to have any number of sites up and running under the same roof.

Before ordering, you will find useful these discount codes, that will apply a discount upon the total sum at the end of your purchase. Choose whatever suits you best.

  • SECRETBONUS994 –> $9.94 OFF the total invoice
  • SECRETBONUS25 –> 25% OFF the total invoice
  • RESELLERSECRETBONUS –> 24.94 OFF reseller packages
If you don’t know how to use those, I have this video explaining the process step by step.

2) Get your domain name.

Here you just go over Godaddy.com and purchase your domain name of choice. Very simple, uh?

However, remember that you can Get up to 5 new .COMs, $5.99 per year, that’s a good deal, right?

Here you have saved around 7 dollars, which is the difference for the average .com domain at other companies and Godaddy, who offers a very competitive price.

How to link your domain name to your hosting service at hostgator? Very easy: when you purchase your domain name, you will be asked about the redirects you want to use. Just add the ones that hostgator specifies and you’re good to go.

And that’s it!! It is that simple!! You have saved like 15 USD for exactly the same services, and you can keep saving money if you purchase more domain names, you shouldn’t pay more for the same services.


If you want to get more out of my formula, I have something more to tell you. I offer some coaching for those new marketers and webmasters that decide to suscribe to my list.

I tend to offer similar bonus over time, some discounts and offers that might interest someone starting off, pieces of advice and tools recommended to get you started. That’s what you’ll be suscribing for.

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Don’t know what to do? Doubts are popping up in your mind? Just go ahead and ask whatever you want, put your questions in the comments below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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I hope this helped,