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Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

This is the eternal question: Batman or Robin? The Fantastic Four or The Avengers? Michael Paynter or Rick Price? (Not into australian singers, I take it?). I mean… when it comes to hosting, you might want to know if it is a linux based hostig or a windows based one. How can you tell the difference? Is the penguin better? What should I care? Well… let me splainn…


Web hosting service providers have these two hosting services based on the operating system that they are running: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. In general, Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in the industry. In fact, most of the websites are now hosted using Linux hosting due to its affordable price and flexibility. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP and MySQL, which supports scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. Windows hosting, on the other hand, uses Bill Gates’ most known operating system and rely on Microsoft technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL).

My PC is running on Windows, does this mean that I have to go for a Windows based hosting service?

Of course not, there is nothing to do with the “client” side of the story. I mean, you can use any of those two types and they will work for Windows, Linux or any other operating system out there.

This only implies that when you are setting up your website in your rented hosting space, you will have to bear in mind that they use specific technology, so if you’re running scripts or any other software that needs to be running on certain framework (such ASP, MYSQL or whatever), then you’ll have to be careful what you’re getting yourself into.

But if you’re just going to set up a regular website, don’t worry much, because it will work just fine on whatever you’re going for.

On average, Linux hosting is more affordable than Windows hosting. How come?

Linux is a free open source system; therefore, web hosting service providers do not need to pay licensing fees for using Linux as their hosting servers’ operating system. Therefore, web hosting providers are able to offer lower prices for this type of web hosting service.

Conclusions: which hosting service should you go for?

Brief and concise: go for a Linux based one unless you’re gonna use specific technology that needs a Windows based one. And I get that if you’re going to do that, you’ll know what kind of technology you are using. If you don’t, again, go for the linux based one, and do not stress over this.

Here we recommend hostgator services as a rule of thumb: they are reliable and affordable, and they’ve got all that you need to get started with any WordPress or any other CMS plataform out there. We also offer these discount coupons if you’re interested. Remember that this is a service that we are using ourselves, that’s why we can be so sure about it.