Hostgator Coupons

Hello, there!!

This is a list of tested coupons to be used with any hostgator plan, you can use them to get a price reduction when purchasing your new hosting service.

Here’s the list of the current hostgator coupons:

1 – 1st month for only 1 CENT!!

You heard it: the first month for free. You will pay only 0.01 bucks when using the following coupon code when purchasing your hosting plan:


If you want to pay some months in advance, you can profit from a higher discount when using the next coupon code…

2 – 25% OFF the first invoice

If you pay one year in advance, you better use the 25% discount that this coupon code grants.

For example:

If you pay for one year of hosting in advance, and you use our coupon code MYHOSTGATORBONUS25, you save $30 thanks to the discount., as you can see below:


Remember that hostgator has a money back guarantee, which means a risk free investment.


Isn’t that cool?

¡¡ Remember that you’ve got 45 money back guarantee to back up your trust in the service of this legendary hosting provider. What do you have to lose? Try it out!!


1) Go to

2) Select the plan that suits you better, and click “ORDER NOW”, as shown below:

planes hostgator

3) The next screen ask you for the name of your website and the coupon code that we have given you already, put them below as shown in the image:


COUPONS: You can use “MYHOSTGATORBONUS” to get the first month for free, or use “MYHOSTGATORBONUS25″ for a 25% OFF the total invoice for that 25% discount offer.


If you need anything from us, you’ve got any questions or doubts, send an email to daniel at and we will help you out. Do not hesitate, we’re here for you!!

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